Solution Design

Solution Design

Learn about the solution design services CitySoft provides for mid-sized business

CitySoft Consultants are providers of solutions based on  Sage Enterprise Management for mid-sized enterprises..

Solutions in the packaged advanced business software space result from one or several sources including the use of independent software vendor developed software (ISV products) or CitySoft developments, using the development tool kits made available to vendor business partners and clients.

There are essentially two types of ISV products: software developed exclusively for the core software system, in CitySoft’s case - Sage Enterprise Management, or software that by virtue of its technology can integrate with other systems. ISV software developed exclusively for Sage EM, is not necessarily built using Sage technology tools.

CitySoft represents a number of ISV’s for Sage Enterprise Management, favouring ISV’s who have used Sage’s development tools over generic 3rd party applications. ISV’s, as members of the Sage development eco-system, have advanced access to the vendor road maps and resources allowing them to remain in synch with Sage software, which de-risks companies from falling behind on key vendor updates due to solution component incompatibilities.

On occasions core vendor products and ISV products do not provide coverage for a specific business requirement. In this case CitySoft may use the core vendor’s software development tool kit to create a solution for our clients. CitySoft operate several technical centres responsible for creating both small and major developments for clients using Sage Enterprise Management advanced business software.

When recommending solutions to prospective clients, CitySoft consider solution practicality, the cost of ownership, and business risk. We focus on delivering real practical solutions, that provide coverage for industry specific business requirements and that do not require compromises or workarounds to meet core business process needs. Compromise and unwieldy processes equate to cost and risk, and often indicate that a software system is unsuitable for the business.

Companies choosing to do business with CitySoft will be engaging with some of the industry’s leading advanced business software system solution consultants. Our experience is often the difference between a successful investment in advanced business system and disappointment.