Report Writing Services

Report Writing Services

Learn about the Report Writing Services CitySoft provides for mid-sized business

CitySoft offer to provide companies with report writing and business intelligence services using Nectari, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage Intelligence, Qlik Sense and Qlik View data visualization tools. One reporting tool rarely fits all reporting situations, so expertise across a number of tools is essential in providing companies the very best advice and reporting service.

Our report writing teams offer to provide one on one and group training for clients, and report and BI report creation. Our engagement to create custom reports and data views is based on first creating a functional, and then a technical specification for client sign off and supply of a fixed price.

Report writing can become a major investment component of an advanced business software project. Sage Enterprise Management includes hundreds of out of the box reports, Excel templates and Dashboards. CitySoft’s solution design service ensures funds are not expended on creating unnecessary custom reports. Our reporting gap analysis as a part of our RICEFW process, will identify any solution gaps requiring filling through the supply of a custom report.

CitySoft use business intelligence tools capable of drawing data from multiple data sources to create enterprise-wide reporting solutions.

Our reporting specialists offer to provide expertise to clients on operational and financial data including multi-entity and consolidated group financial reporting and analysis.

In addition to report creation, CitySoft assist companies with distribution of information including automated distribution schedules, mobile report access and granting access to reports and information via employee, supplier and customer portals.

CitySoft have created suites of reports for various industries including hospitality (Table Covers, CGS and labour percentages, Average spend per head…) non-profit groups (Acquittal reports), Projects, events and job based industries especially in the professional services business sector, and manufacturing (discrete and process) typically drawing on data in Sage EM, and payroll & HR software, Sage Wage Easy payroll & HR software or Sage MicrOpay payroll data.