Product Configuration Services

Product Configuration Services

Learn about the Product Configuration Services CitySoft provides for mid-sized business

One of the major differentiators between basic entry level software and more advanced business software is the level, or degree to which the more advanced business software can be configured to reflect and best meet the demands of a business. Flexibility, however, comes with an up-front cost to configure the business software to behave in manner that suits the business.

The flip side is that business software, correctly configured, will lead to greater staff productivity, fewer data entry and data capture errors, and more accurate data upon which to make decisions. Properly configured business software will lead to more streamlined business and business savings. These on-going savings quickly justify the extra investment required to acquire advanced business software over less functional and flexible business software.

CitySoft’s deep knowledge of  Sage Enterprise Management, results in optimised product configuration that produces the strongest and fastest return on investment. Coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the various products eco-systems and service layers, CitySoft are well positioned to ensure our clients fully capitalize on the capabilities of their software asset.

Our project requirements inventory service, helps companies precisely define and identify their business information needs whilst uncovering opportunities where a company can improve on the way they have done business, in effect, capitalizing on newer and better ways to do business. 

The types of configuration services offered by CitySoft include not only global product settings, but also business process controls that determine how system users enter and view data, and how data is used. Broadly speaking configuration may apply to visual processes, alerts, workflows, screen customizations, data exchanges with other systems, and creation of short cuts, dashboards and home pages. CitySoft projects include a RICEFW schedule to manage non-standard requirements covering Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflow.

CitySoft, together with either Sage Enterprise Management software, offers companies the opportunity to redefine and refine their business processes, rather than simply replicating existing business practices that may be out of date or no longer representative of best practice. CitySoft assists companies obtain operational savings as a result of carefully considered software configuration.