Lascom PLM software for producers of food and beverage products

Lascom PLM software is designed to help enterprises who develop, design, manufacture or market food and beverage products. It better manages the many and varied aspects associated with taking a product concept through to commercialisation.

Lascom Lime will help you comply with local and global regulations regarding tracking & labelling. As a Web native Cloud product lifecycle software, it will help you speed up your product launch times, while also assisting you to successfully enter new markets. Lascom Lime collects and manages data concerning a products recipes, packaging and compliance requirements, leading to more streamlined new product development processes. Lascom will help you respond faster to rapidly changing consumers tastes.

Faster and lower cost responses to changing industry conditions and buyer preferences, will help you better defend and grow your market share against competitors.

Lascom Lime PLM helps you optimise your internal processes by converting information into data that can be properly analysed and utilised with far greater certainty over data accuracy and decision making.

Over 90% of new products in the F&B space fail. Lascom Lime increases your success rate when launching new products. Lascom helps determine accurate product costing information that in turn supports price point decisions and likely market share matters that influence the viability of a new products success and contribution.

Food & Beverage segments where Lascom PLM software suits, includes; producers of pet foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such beer and cider and fruit, dairy, sport, soft drink, manufacturers of convenience foods, prepared fresh and frozen meals, TV dinner, health foods, desserts, chocolates, soups and snack foods.


Product Lifecycle Management Made Simple

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Content Features:
  • • Comprehensive module to drive innovation
  • • Centralise packaging specifications
  • • Unleash creativity
  • • Supplier management
  • • PIF and CPNP
  • • Cosmetovigilance

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