Lascom PLM software with Sage Enterprise Management

Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management software tracks the development of a product from start to finish in one efficient system, making it the perfect addition to Sage Enterprise Management software for Food and Beverage Manufactures.  

PLM & Sage Enterprise Management

CitySoft continues to develop and extend the core competencies of its consulting team around food processing and packaging systems based primarily on Sage ERP X3.  Sage Enterprise Management has established itself internationally over many years as a powerful ERP suite for mid-sized food and beverage manufacturers.

The extensive functionality inside Sage Enterprise Management, for process manufacturers is augmented by the inclusion, when needed, of MES, CMMS and PLM software.

One such software is Lascom, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), designed to supplement the Sage Enterprise Management capabilities through its distinct management of a food and beverage product throughout all stages of development. Food and Beverage manufacturers greatly benefit from the addition of Lascom’s PLM software to their Sage Enterprise Management software as it covers the necessities of manufacturing a food and beverage product from start to finish.

Features of Lascom’s PLM

Lascom Solutions Inc. have devised PLM software that aids companies in better managing their products through all stages of its lifecycle. The software is an exemplary addition to the Sage Enterprise Management software for Food and Beverage manufacturers as it documents all product information on a single platform. It aims to efficiently increase productivity, accelerate time to market and reduce risks through the features of:

  • • Easing the NPD process
  • • Change management
  • • Range Optimization
  • • Document management
  • • Costing calculations
  • • Regulatory compliance
  • • Time to Market improvement
  • • Collaboration
  • • Activity Analysis

PLM software significantly decreases manual daily tasks surrounding product development, marketing, R&D, quality and supply teams through its distinctive management of information on one integrated platform. PLM boots innovation, assists in meeting deadlines and saves time through the avoidance of re-keying data, leading to more competition in the marketplace. PLM’s facilitation of strategic decisions processes and optimization also enables upper management to greatly benefit from a consistent overview of the company and its processes.

Lascom’s PLM software:

  • • Manages all information securely
  • • Offers non-complex views of product information, based on inter-relationships
  • • Enables fast and effective access to information through a sophisticated range of searching/reporting tools
  • • Accelerates productivity with users able to readily create new or reuse/modify preexisting product information
  • • Provides automatic generation of product specifications, saving time and reducing errors
  • • Offers management visibility/auditing of all product information and user activity
  • • Enables greater decision making through advanced impact analysis features, in particular comparisons, gap analysis and where-used

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Who benefits most from PLM software?

Sage Enterprise Management software with the addition of Lascom’s PLM software is immensely beneficial to SME Food & beverage manufacturers looking for a solution to ease the process management of food and beverage manufacturing.

Why CitySoft?

CitySoft is Australia’s most awarded and well resourced Sage Enterprise Management implementation partners. Our specific Mid-sized industry knowledge and project management expertise allows us to successfully deliver ‘best practice’ solutions; to reduce the time and cost of implementations; and to create conditions that produce significant long-term returns for our clients.

One of Lascom’s most significant clients, Maple Lodge Farms (Canada’s largest chicken processor and winner of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies program since 2010) illustrates the successful increase in productivity, shortening of product development cycles and reduction of risk that PLM is capable of.

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