Edible Oils

Edible Oils

Sage X3 for manufacturers of Edible Oils


Citysoft provide solutions which are cost effective, practical with good long-term value for the Edible Oils industry.

Sage X3

Delivers tangible business benefits to Mid-Sized Manufacturer.

Sage X3 software provides out-of-the-box specific solutions for the Edible Oils industry.

Why do mid-sized businesses choose CitySoft as their Sage X3 implementation partner?

CitySoft is one of the most awarded and well-resourced Sage X3 implementation partner. Our specific Mid-sized industry knowledge and project management expertise allows us to successfully deliver ‘best practice’ solutions; to reduce the time and cost of implementations; and to create conditions that produce significant long-term returns for our clients.

Do more with Sage X3

Sage X3 allows you to to administer your Edible Oils business effectively : purchasing contracts with suppliers, control of purchasing delivery notes, payments to suppliers, official reports, customer sales monitoring, financial management etc. Incorporated in the system, is integrated warehouse management to ensure proper goods received storage, movement and picking, plus reporting to maximize available space and inventory turnaround.

The development module allows adaptation to your company’s specific activities and integrates that information into the company database. For example, the sample-taking and weighing processes. 

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A Complete Solution

Product Management

  • • Statistical families: commodities, varietal group, agronomic variety …
  • • Product type: olives, unrefined oil, processed oil, packaging
  • • Qualities, grading
  • • Qualifications: % acidity, cleanliness, % yield, etc.

Sales Management

  • • Document type: offers, contracts, deliveries, returns, etc.
  • • Packaging types: cases, bottles
  • • Associated documents: quality, pricing

Settlement Management

  • • Invoice types: advances, settlements
  • • Price tables: date interval, value table, etc.
  • • Calculation of settlements by table
  • • Direct settlements

Intake Management

  • • Scale connection
  • • Management of weighing practices: gross intakes, tares, etc.
  • • Transport information
  • • Distribution among partners
  • • Printing of traceability labels
  • • Production management
  • • Production types: pressing, filtering


  • • Production templates
  • • Production and consumption statement
  • • Traceability: ascending, descending

Land Management

  • • Identification: owner, variety, location, etc.
  • • Property registry information
  • • Production: estimated, actual, etc.
  • • Crop reports

Quality Management

  • • Quality type: physical, chemical
  • • Qualifications: % actual, % tolerated, etc.
  • • Quality documentation
  • • Application of quality to delivery notes

Transport management

  • • Vehicles
  • • Transport zones
  • • Carriage fees
  • • Transport delivery notes
  • • Invoices to transporters