Learn about  the software solutions provided by CitySoft for the Chemical industry

Mid-sized Chemical Manufacturers

CitySoft deliver end to end business software solutions to the chemical industry by combining the Sage X3 Platform with software by Provenio

Provenio’s Procession software was developed on the Sage X3 SAFE platform, providing system users with a seamless user experience, and system administrators with a low-cost system to manage.  This CitySoft supported solution is helping mid-sized enterprises who manage chemicals, process, procure, and or distribute chemical products.

The Procession system extends the Sage X3 functionality, adding additional coverage over Safety and Handling, Quality Control, Regulatory Compliance, and R&D, plus customer service, logistics and production.

Chemical manufacturers working in a highly regulated industry, are obtaining great value from Sage X3’s automation and tracking capabilities. The systematic management of processes helps produce reports supporting regulatory compliance whilst driving down administrative overhead.

Sage X3 with Procession supports R&D efforts as a process, and not a one-time event. Procession automatically stores formula attributes such as % solids, VOC & density, and maintains a formula library. It also maintains QC Technical sheets.

Safety and handling procedures and personal protective equipment requirements are managed in Procession, with symbols and labels built into the system for easier system user identification of hazards.

System access to critical data is available on mobile devices.

Product Features

Some of the Sage X3 Enterprise Management product features for chemical manufacturers include:

  • • Easy to create safety data sheets (SDS) and packaging labels
  • • Integrated formulas, BOMS, intermediate and finished goods management
  • • Forward and backward traceability to meet recall ready requirements
  • • Tracking of formula properties
  • • Detailed batch tickets with formula production details and instructions
  • • Quality Control as a process, not a step
  • • Certificate of Analysis publication with customer shipments
  • • A workflow manager supporting consistent processes across the enterprise
  • • Inhibit rules prohibiting restricted shipments
  • • On system PPE and hazard ratings for material handouts and batch makers
  • • A bill of lading based on GSA/US/VIC guidelines
  • • A mobile sales App for order taking and Sales CRM

With greater visibility and centralized data, ABC compounding were able to decrease orders greater than 5 days by a whopping 50% having introduced Sage X3 with Procession.

Industries where Sage Enterprise Management and Procession are providing an end to end advanced business software solution include:

  1.  Paint / Coatings / Adhesives 
  2.  Flavor and Aromatics
  3.  Toll Manufacturers (Manufacturers who have little or no private label products)
  4.  Nutraceuticals
  5.  Janitorial/Sanitation products