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Sage X3 for Mid-sized distribution businesses

The Sage X3 distribution suite provides mid-sized enterprises the ability to manage inventory in one or multiple locations, using radio frequency paperless warehousing technologies. The system supports the use and creation of SSCC, EAN, & GS1 labels and manages lots, batches, serialized inventory, fractional quantities and multiple units of measure. Lots, bins, rows and isles are managed in the Sage Enterprise Management warehousing system.

Sage X3 also supports EDI transactions, kitting, consignment stock, RMA’s, and QA & QC management.

The Distribution suite tightly integrates procurement, & sales order management, and production for companies who manufacturer and distribute goods.

The advanced import management option adds container and vessel management capabilities for stock management on the water. The system includes management of shipping containers and bills of lading (BOL’s).

For distribution companies with less sophisticated warehousing needs but who all the same are interested in operating a paperless warehouse, Sage X3 offers an affordable automated data capture (ADC) license.  The ADC license removes paper from the warehouse, reduces picking errors and provides data verification across all the inventory processes. In effect the ADC license mimics the paper based stock instructions of Sage X3,, and in turn enables warehouse staff to undertake warehouse transactions using a mobile device or by using touch screen terminals. By using the Sage ADC license, receipting, picking, moving and transferring stock between bays, sites and warehouses is simplified.


Advanced Warehousing

For distribution firms with more advanced warehousing needs, the Sage X3 platform expands to incorporate Datalinx.

This solution provides additional ‘best of breed’ warehouse capabilities such as radio frequency warehouse management, container equivalence management, ASN and expected receipt support, blocking and non-conformity management, hazardous materials management, commercial priorities management and location allocation in proximity of picking bays. The system supports various picking models such as zone and wave picking. The system also manages license plates in order to identify a given pallet of products. The pallet handling can have single or multi lot/products on the one pallet.


Sage Inventory Advisor

As an advanced option, Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA), a Sage SaaS Cloud offer, can further optimize your stock holding by analysing your inventory position, by running 28 advanced algorithms across your data as frequently as you require to assist with purchasing, pricing and promotional activities.