Procession by Provenio with Sage Enterprise Management for the chemical industry

Sage Enterprise Management software combined with Provenio’s Procession enables Chemical Manufacturers to handle the complex specifications of the process manufacturing industry with ease and precision.  

What is Provenio?

Provenio Technology has devised Procession, a software enhancement suite to the Sage EM software toolkit that further handles the changing logistics of chemical manufacturing with precision and accuracy. Procession runs seamlessly within Sage EM, as a fully integrated solution, designed to enrich the Sage Enterprise Management software for chemical and process manufactures.

Who needs Provenio?

Smart chemical manufacturers are thriving in a competitive world by unifying their business units on a single business system platform. Highly regulated industries such as chemical manufacturing obtain heightened value from Sage EM’s automation and tracking capabilities. Sage Enterprise Management, paired with Procession, completes the meticulous aspects of chemical manufacturing from manufacturing processes all the way to customer service. The Sage EM/Provenio package is perfect for small to medium sized chemical manufacturers looking for a software solution to manage the processes and components of their company.

Features of Provenio

Sage Enterprise Management, paired with Procession, completes the meticulous aspects of chemical manufacturing from R&D formulation all the way to customer service.

With the addition of Provenio’s Procession technology, your regulatory, manufacturing, inventory, QC, shipping and order data are all stored in a single database and can be accessed through a single user interface. Procession enables:

R&D Formulation that flexibly allows consistency while securing profitability.

Regulatory Compliance with GHS-specific functionalities that allow greater control over where a product can be sold.

Quality Control with capabilities such as the ability to set ranges and targets per product to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Safety & Handling is more accessible through Hazardous Material Ratings per product and safety and handling information labels and documents.

Manufacturing has greater visibility around target volumes and weights per batch with batch tickets and production notes, Work Order labels and BOMs linked back to master formulas.

Sales Order/Shipping is simplified through 3rd party billing, the ability to send CofA and SDS with shipments and Blind Shipment/Drop Shipment functionalities.

Customer Service is improved to allow swifter management and greater customer satisfaction