Technology that runs your CannaBusiness

CannaBusiness Software, built on the award-winning Sage X3 Business Management platform, offers you true end to end industry specific coverage to enterprises operating in the medicinal and recreational cannabis sectors. It tracks production, inventory, sales, finances, staff, compliance plus customers and suppliers, in one integrated business software system.

Unlike generic ERP’s, the CannaBusiness Software was designed to address the every day needs of a CannaBusiness.  The solution does not need to be built rather it is ready to go, yet still flexible enough to be localised and configured to meet a company’s particular business system needs. 

Scale your business

Importantly the CannaBusiness Software system is scalable and suitable for Groups operating across international borders. 

The nature of the CannaBusiness Software system makes it equally attractive to both start-up businesses and mature business enterprises as it is a highly scalable platform suited to rapidly evolving markets where great opportunities exist to fast track your business growth. 

  Manage your grow operations 

The software manages the entire growing lifecycle from seed to clone including harvesting and waste management. It also manages the plant processing phase and the tracking and delivery of product.


Importantly, the CannaBusiness Software system, built on the Sage X3 Enterprise Management platform, is adaptable to cover the various compliance requirements around the Globe. It handles complicated legal mandates, supports government compliance reporting, and has comprehensive materials tracking.

The system also goes beyond compliance. 

The CannaBusiness Software system manages finance and operations in the one single system, and where required handles multiple sites, multiple companies, multi-legislations and multi-currency requirements.

Industry Specialisation

The CannaBusiness Software system presents key business data and metrics in real time and in graphically rich dashboards including on mobile devices, including facts on cannabis strains, production costs, human resources and all your other business processes so you can gain deep insight into your business. The CannaBusiness Software system allows you to streamline operations, optimise production scheduling and helps you avoid delays due to people, equipment and material shortages. So, what extra does the CannaBusiness Software system do?

Seed to Sale & Traceability

Become more efficient in your plant production processes. Maximise field resources and the efficiency of your clone room. Schedule production for continuous growing operations, and gain full visibility over each plant with forward and backward tracking on inputs and outputs. Introduce RFID barcoding to reduce the requirement of manual entry of data whilst improving data accuracy.  Plant production steps including management of costs, values and location tracking from seeds, to seedlings, vegetation, flowering and harvesting – a plants full lifecycle is tracked and managed seamlessly in the CannaBusiness Software system.

Plant Processing

Both dry trim and wet trim business processes are managed on system, accounting and tracking for tasks such as drying, curing, extracting, product manufacturing and testing right the way through to packaging.

Quality Control and Recall Management

Utilize the advanced quality controls options in the CannaBusiness Software system to minimise the risk of product recall or batch contamination. Introduce constant monitoring of production processes for real time management. With the forward and backward traceability, mock product recalls can be conducted in minutes, as can real recalls if needed. A full audit trail and a historical archive of transactions are maintained covering multiple years.

Use the fully integrated quality control system functionality to rigorously enforce inspections to ensure conformance to defined characteristics and measures.

Supply Chain Management

The CannaBusiness Software system offers advanced warehousing and logistics for single sites through to enterprises with globally disbursed warehouses allowing your local, national or international operation to run tight inventory control across raw, intermediary and finished goods and of course, packaging and plant and equipment spare parts.

Manufacturers using the CannaBusiness Software system have at their disposal advanced master production scheduling tools (MPS) and material requirements planning (MRP) capabilities for one or multiple sites.

Patient and Client Management

The CannaBusiness Software system, built on the Sage X3 platform, handles the information collection needs relating to both medical and recreational clients. Subject to local rules and conditions, the CannaBusiness Software system is built to include online B2B and B2C eCommerce. The system includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a core element of the software, and supports social listening.