Learn about the Agribusiness industry software solutions provided by CitySoft

The typical business information system challenges faced by Agribusinesses include integration with plant and equipment such as weigh scales, and weigh bridge systems for catch weight and tare weight calculations and sorting, grading and packaging equipment integrations.

Some other challenges may include EDI trade, container management, dealing with product quality, sizes and varieties, collection of picker, farm and sharecropper details for traceability purposes and plant and equipment maintenance schedules.

CitySoft utilize Aritmos agri-business software as a part of the Sage X3 software application eco-system in providing agribusinesses a powerful advanced business information system solution that deals with these business challenges.

The Sage X3 solution, containing Aritmos agribusiness software, is best suited to mid-sized enterprise level agri-businesses.

When using the Sage platform, companies can manage goods receipts from farmers as raw goods, or from packing sheds with the goods weighed, classified (Visual or detailed Quality control process) and then goods can be sent to production or put-away in a cool store location awaiting dispatch or value added production processes.

Advanced knowledge of likely goods inward from site managers or supplier or site contract pickers assists with co-ordination of transport and helps optimize stock turnaround and compliance with customer shelf life expectations.  The Sage X3 system tracks pallets and containers whilst also managing RF pick and pack (RFID, EAN128 and GS1 labels) and SSCC pallet labels for domestic and export purposes. The system also manages packaging consumption and procurement.  

Weights and units can be incorporated into transport Bill of Ladings and distribution cost calculations and will even create a transport supplier RCTI if required. EDI orders are also managed by the Sage system for efficient processing and fulfilment of sales orders. Full MES integration is also possible using the advanced Sage connectors.

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