CMMS Production Facility Management and Control


Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Maintain, manage and control production facilities efficiently and cost-effectively

The Dimo Maint CMMS solutions (Computerised Maintenance management Systems) for Sage X3 is very quick to deploy, is highly intuitive and easy to use, with maintenance and customer service functions.

The solution suits multi-national groups with multi-entity, multi-language (available in 17 languages), and multi-country requirements, and is a scalable solution allowing you to grow without limits.


Key Features

DIMO Maint CMMS meets all the needs and requirements of a maintenance department.

Asset Form

Customizable criteria to classify and describe the asset, providing access to history and work order tracking data.

Preventative Maintenance Form

Internal and external technicians and contact information

Work Order Form

Specifies if the work is carried out under contract, identify causes, effects and solutions.

Spare parts or Consumables Form

Indicates the asset to which items are assigned.

Technicians Form

Shows the work orders which are assigned to each technician.

Suppliers Form

Shows part and contract allocations.

Supplier and Subcontractor contracts forms

Profitability analysis functions

Spare parts stock management with barcodes


Functional Scope

Asset Management

Resource Management


Service Request Management

Stock And Purchasing Management

Maintenance Budget Management

Customer Management

Deployed with the Sage X3 platform, Dimo Maint CMMS uses monitoring tools and resource planning in order to optimize human and technical resources which are assigned to maintenance activities.

DIMO Maint App

Mobile CMMS

The DIMO Maint App offers the essential features of the CMMS, combining with smartphone and tablet functions such as voice recognition, photos etc.

The App is ideal for technicians, even those working in difficult conditions, as it simplifies the entry of field data and accelerates data feedback to the CMMS and Sage X3, therefore increasing productivity and optimizing field operations.

As a multi-platform hardware solution, DIMO Maint App can be used on smartphones and tablets, and on both Android and iPhone.

You have permanent access to data with the App, allowing work to continue regardless of the network coverage, and information is synchronized automatically.