Cloud Services

A range of cloud services for your Sage Enterprise Management and ISV advanced business software

Cloud Delivered Advanced Business Software

Sage Enterprise Management is available as Software as a Service (SaaS).
Sage EM in partnership with AWS provide a hybrid vendor cloud service (SaaS) sold via Sage business partners. This “Public Cloud” service provides for continuous Sage application updates that are a hallmark of a Vendor Cloud service rather than traditional periodic version updates more akin to the traditional delivery of business software.  Application support is provided by Sage business partners, specialists in supporting Sage Enterprise management software whilst the vendor in conjunction with AWS support the infrastructure and platform services and resources to run Sage EM.
Industry analysts and early cloud adopters will tell you that public cloud SaaS isn’t necessarily appropriate for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) due to the restrictive nature of the service primarily around the inclusion of 3rd party products and non-core modules in the service and advanced and often unique core product configuration needs. Public cloud business software SaaS is popular with SMB’s as their business needs aren’t as mature, or extensive as SME’s. 
CitySoft, as a Sage business partner, offer enterprises private cloud services for Sage EM. Our team provide enterprises with a one stop Sage EM service covering Cloud hosting, platform and database licensing and support services. Our private cloud service offers enterprises far greater flexibility over solution elements. 

Sage Enterprise Management Cloud

Sage Enterprise Management  was designed for the cloud. Designed and developed as a Web native application Sage EM can be accessed anywhere anytime by authorized users with any device including mobile device capable of running a browser, pretty much any browser and accessing the Internet. The technology supports rapid roll out of new sites, new system users and new companies.

The all in one Sage EM public cloud offer consists of a subscription licensing fee made up of a monthly platform fee and per user pricing calculated on a monthly basis. With various license types and a concurrent licensing model, Sage EM can be delivered to a broader set of system users more cost effectively than competitors named user licensing.

The key points of difference between Sage and other suppliers of advanced business software on either a public or private cloud service reside with contract fee renewal certainty and database ownership. Sage contract client data ownership rights and importantly cap contract renewal rates so Sage clients have certainty over their cost of ownership.