Meet CitySoft’s Directors

Anthony Russo

Managing Director

Anthony Russo leads the professional services teams at CitySoft. CitySoft’s global professional services teams are amongst the most experienced and qualified in the small to medium sized company and mid-sized enterprise space for advanced business software. Anthony Russo knows how to lead a successful professional services enterprise. Anthony has worked in the development of financial reporting systems and advanced business software solution design and delivery for over 25 years.

Anthony has extensive experience working with both multinationals and emerging businesses, across a broad range of industry types. These industries include Biotech, Financial Services, Distribution, Property, Retailing and Manufacturing sectors.

Under Anthony’s leadership CitySoft has grown from a professional service business servicing small to medium sized businesses to a multi company, multi-country consulting firm now servicing both small to medium sized businesses and mid-sized enterprises many of who span multiple continents.

Ian Hill

Marketing & Sales Director

Ian's extensive experience and knowledge of advanced business software extends over three decades. Ian is responsible for leading CitySoft’s sales and marketing activities across Australia, Asia and the UK.

Few Australians have the depth of real world business software solution implementation experience that Ian has.

Ian has solution designed SAP and Sage systems for small to medium sized businesses and mid-sized enterprises, and has helped create project plans that deliver immediate and long-lasting value for CitySoft’s clients, for 30 years. Ian is Australia's most awarded Sage business partner and one of SAP’s leading consultative sales representatives.