Global experience in implementing Sage X3 (Enterprise Management)


Experience counts in the professional services sector for advanced business software systems.

With an estimated one third of advanced business system projects failing: that is, they never go live, experience in advanced business software system project management, supported by consulting resources who really know their products, is super critical to enable companies and enterprises to capitalise on an investment in a new business software system. Industry 4, the IoT and increased competition for many businesses brought about by globalisation, the Internet and new technologies that drive down costs, make modernisation of a company’s business systems an imperative, yet companies are still missing out on the benefits modern business software systems can deliver, due to inexperienced consultants, professional services firms who lack structure, project process and the disciplines to deliver advanced business systems.

One third of advanced business system projects Go Live but clients wish they had never embarked on the exercise.

Positive Project Outcomes

The product leads who head up each of CitySoft’s consulting teams are industry veterans, many of whom have worked for the software vendors CitySoft represent. Our teams contain a mix of product experts both functional and technical and consultants who have worked in small, medium and large companies and enterprises, who understand not only business software but the people, the challenges and the areas where the business software system can deliver maximum value to our clients. This mix of resource disciplines underpinned by quality project management, and an overarching project governance layer, ensures CitySoft clients fit neatly into the third of companies and enterprises who experience a positive project outcome, and who obtain the investment outcomes they hoped to achieve at the outset of the project.

The CitySoft project delivery methodology ensures the right people and processes are in place at the appropriate times, and that our clients receive optimal value from our expertise and project services. We de-risk our client’s investment in advanced business software by following proven project processes, that lead to project success. Whilst others take short-cuts and put pressure on cost, time and the quality of the outcomes we focus on results that deliver you the greatest return on investment. Our solutions are built on quality software from reputable vendors; are well considered by experienced business analysts, properly implemented and well supported.

The key advanced business software application CitySoft Asia sells, implements and supports in Asia is Sage X3 (formerly Enterprise Management). In CitySoft's other international locations, the products include SAP Business One and Sage 300 for growing small to medium sized enterprises and Sage X3.