Advanced business software

Advanced management software for enterprises with multiple sites and companies, operating in one or more countries, and often managing multiple legislations

Advanced Sage X3 Enterprise Management Software

CitySoft represents Sage X3 Enterprise Management software, advanced business software for mid-sized enterprises. The software provides enterprises operating multiple sites and companies, in one or multiple countries, a particularly strong business system solution.

The Sage X3 software is Web native, can be deployed under a Sage vendor “public” Cloud, a private cloud or on premise with the option for either a perpetual or a subscription licensing model.

The professional services teams at CitySoft specialize in delivering and supporting Sage X3 software systems. CitySoft are one of Sage’s leading multi-region business partners, and one of Sage’s best resourced and experienced partners.

Key competitive strengths of CitySoft and Sage X3 software include:

  • • Greater certainty, clarity and transparency over public and cloud contractual matters, such as SaaS contract renewal caps and data ownership, and project fees
  • • Greater inherent value in the Sage X3 license compared to other mid-market ERP systems
  • • Ready-to-use yet configurable reports, visual processes, dashboards and role-based user profiles that reduce project fees

As a Web native technology Sage X3 Enterprise Management offers system users full mobility.

Clever use of activity codes supports developments without impacting standard Sage X3 vendor version upgrades.

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Sage X3 Enterprise Management Software Product Profile

Sage X3 is an all in one advanced business software system for mid-sized enterprises.

If your enterprise consists of some or all of the following characteristics, the Sage business management platform may be a valid candidate to replace your existing system:

  • • You are a mid-sized enterprise loosely defined by turnover (£30 M- £750 M p.a.)
  • • You operate across multiple offices, regions and countries
  • • You have mature, sophisticated business processes and need to manage multiple legislations, multiple companies and sites and, on occasion, multiple languages
  • • You require general ledger consolidations, eliminations and advanced reporting and analysis
  • • You often require 30+ concurrent system users, albeit smaller enterprises with sophisticated process also demand a system like Sage X3 solutions designed for mid-sized enterprises

The Sage X3 system starts at 5 user licenses and scales past multiple thousands of concurrent users. It runs on either a Microsoft Windows platform or a Linux platform and uses either an MS SQL or Oracle database.

Sage X3 is available in several suites: finance; distribution; manufacturing; projects and jobs; and construction. It contains advanced functionality to manage even the most demanding mid-market business needs. The concurrent licensing consists of full, operational and transactional user licenses that enable enterprises to cost effectively include more people and processes in their business system eco-system for better results. 

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The Sage X3 license includes two free developer licenses that enable mid-sized enterprises to create advanced business processes, integrations and automations to best reflect the needs of the business on platform. 

The system can be deployed under a public or private cloud arrangement or as an on-premise deployment. The licensing is available as a subscription or a perpetual license.