Aritmos has developed a range of software applications, using the Sage X3 Enterprise Business Management SAFE platform and technologies, specifically for the agricultural and food sectors.

The software solution suits companies operating in and across horticulture and agriculture including cooperatives, flour mills, oil presses, vineyards, the dairy industry, cereal manufacturers, feed mills and related industries.

Templated, yet modifiable, the system configurations exist for the fruit and vegetable sector, winemaking, Olive Oil mills, alfalfa and hay drying facilities, grain management, flour mills, nut management, tomatoes, Cotton, Beetroot, Slurry, & meat

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Audros – PLM Software

Audros is technical data and document management software. Both a document management solution, and a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application that allows securing, sharing and dissemination of all data and technical documents between project stakeholders.
Audros offers companies a fully integrated solution for document management (EasyDMS X3 Edition) that manages and secures all types of documents from Sage X3 .The system allows access to industrial applications: drawings, document ranges, invoices, specifications, reports.

The EasyDMS X3 Edition is scalable to the PLM Audros X3 Edition. The PLM edition offers companies a suite of choices including connectivity with leading CAD applications: – Automatic integration of the assembly structure (CAD / ENGINEER, AutoCAD, CATIA v5, INVENTOR, ME10, PRO, SOLID EDGE, SOLIDWORKS), plus project management, Web catalogues, time management and Change management with validation (Engineering Change Order) and all types of workflows on data from both Audros and Sage X3.

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Dimo Maint (Computerized Maintenance Management System- CMMS)

The DIMO Maint CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) applications (Micro Maint, Mini Maint, Maxi Maint and Axel Maint) augment Sage X3 by extending the CMMS processes in Sage X3. The software addresses a company’s infrastructure maintenance management needs. The CMMS system manages both facility or production assets with respect to consumption, spare parts, preventative maintenance schedules, purchasing, contractor contracts and intesource allocation. You can deploy your CMMS projects overseas as the solutions cover multi-language, multi-company and multi-currency.



Sage eCommerce

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APPSeCONNECT is a hybrid integration platform that CitySoft use to provide clients with comprehensive integration with Sage X3. The platform's unique hybrid architecture supports all major business application’s integration processes – between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-premises systems.

eCommerce integrations include Magento, Prestashop, Zencart, Opencart, Shopify & Shopify Plus, Big Commerce Enterprise and Shopping Cart Elite


Mapadoc EDI

Connect once and integrate with unlimited retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, 3PLs and more. SPS’ cloud EDI service for Sage X3 supports popular EDI transactions including Purchase Order (850), Invoice (810) and Advance Ship Notice (856). 
Utilize MAPADOC software for Sage Enterprise Management. MAPADOC is a fully integrated, easy to use electronic data interchange (EDI) software solution for Sage X3.

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V1 Advanced Document Management

The Sage X3 system includes excellent best of suite document and file management capabilities, and where a best of breed enterprise wide document management system is required, CitySoft Asia recommend including V1 in the Sage X3 ecosystem. V1 supports advanced document management including; auto hiving and destruction, version control, advanced searching and document classification, and an easy to use Web interface. For Sage X3 license holders V1 supports the ability to scan and save various documents, to scan and read (OCR) vendor invoices either via a scan station or via an ap@invoice or similar email address / folder containing emails from vendors with an invoice attachment.

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Sage X3 - Salesforce CRM connector

Sage offers a Sage X3 – Salesforce Connector module that connects these two market leading business applications

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Advanced Warehouse Management - Datalinx

For distribution firms with more advanced warehousing needs, Sage X3 expands to incorporate Datalinx.

This solution provides additional ‘best of breed’ warehouse capabilities such as radio frequency warehouse management, container equivalence management, ASN and expected receipt support, blocking and non-conformity management, hazardous materials management, commercial priorities management and location allocation in proximity of picking bays..

Datalinx Advanced WMS


Technical and Professional Services (GFI)

The Gfi range of Sage X3 extension products, offers companies involved in projects and jobs and professional and technical service delivery. Tailored to small, medium and large enterprises Gfi provides capabilities to collect times via a Web time portal; manage volumetric billing for example as a data or water, manage and schedule resources to jobs and projects, schedule periodic services and capture service requests, and provide mobile access for field staff. The Gfi suite includes Sage X3 timesheets, Resource Planner, and PJC contracts and projects product.

Gfi has also released a range of manufacturing modules for Sage X3 including Quality Management, EM planner, strategic and operational planner, ISO, X3 versioning and EM retail

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Kardol (Forecast Management)

Sage X3 Forecast Management module addresses the needs of manufacturing concerns that wish to improve their forward planning by introducing forecasts into their Manufacturing and Sales Plan.

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Sage X3 Apps

Anywhere any time access to your customer details for sales, account management and servicing customer equipment. These optimized Apps for Apple and Android devices put Sage X3 in the palm of your hand.


Sage Intelligence (SI – Alchemex)

The core Sage X3 license contains Sage Intelligence (SI) modules, with the option to extend out the SI BI solution by adding further modules from the SI suite. – SI uses Excel as the user interface and acts as a lite BI tool. It is primarily used to produce Financial Reports in Sage X3 but can be used to create operational templates and reports 
Business Intelligence


Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI | Nectari)

Nectari Business Intelligence is a data analysis and reporting solution Sage X3 customers. It has been renamed Sage Enterprise Intelligence and offers the sophistication associated with more expensive BI tools such as SAP Business Objects. The SEI BI module sits above the SI Excel reporting tool in terms of BI capabilities and offers an Excel Add in similar to the SI option

The key capabilities of SEI are that it is easy to use by everyone, empowering users to analyse and report on real-time information across their enterprise, from Sage X3 and other data sources, in an integrated and secure fashion.

The SEI offering includes ready to use pre-built templates, enabling you to gain immediate benefit from SEI’s powerful analysis and reporting capabilities.
Financial Analysis, Reporting and Consolidation is made easy with SEI’s Excel Add-in. It supports and facilitates real-time access within Excel to Sage EM and other data sources. The solution is based on the same integration and security settings in SEI BI. Excel user productivity will increase significantly after only a few hours of training

Sage Enterprise Intelligence


Sage X3 Import Tracking

The Sage X3 Import Tracking functionality helps you manage your global supply chain in a coherent, efficient way. Offering importers tight cost control capabilities the Sage X3 Import Tracking system allows shipments to be received by container versus individual purchase orders and allows vessel tracking. The system assists companies who import food products or hazardous chemicals to meet country-specific regulatory demands.


Sage Inventory Advisor (Stock optimization)

Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) helps companies reduce inventory by up to 35% and increase sales by 10% or more, using its cloud-based inventory management system. Sage Inventory Advisor is a secure, cloud-based subscription service that helps you reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and improve working capital. And it connects directly to your Sage X3 solution.

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Provenio Technology has devised Procession, a software enhancement suite to the Sage Enterprise Management software toolkit, that further handles the changing logistics of chemical manufacturing with precision and accuracy.

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Lascom’s Product Lifecycle Management software tracks the development of a product from start to finish in one efficient system, making it the perfect addition to Sage Enterprise management software for Food and Beverage Manufactures.

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